High-quality sensors for virtually every industrial field

High-quality sensors for virtually every industrial field


The importance and relevance of high-quality sensor solutions are increasing rapidly with time and technological progress. State of the art measurement sensors are essential in various industry fields in order to ensure high-quality products. Hamilton Bonaduz AG offers among other solutions, market leading sensor technologies in the field of conductivity measurements of ultra-pure water, online measurements of viable and total cell density, and furthermore pH-measurement in harsh environments.

Low conductivity limits for water are crucial for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and microelectronic industries in order to ensure high quality products. Conducell UPW Arc sensors developed by the Swiss experts are designed for precise conductivity measurements - especially for quality measurement of ultra-pure water (UPW). The 2-pole sensors consist of an Arc Module with an integrated micro-transmitter and a conductivity cell. In accordance to USP <645> both can be separated from each other in order to verify the meter by means of the UPW-simulator. The simulator - containing a traceable high precision resistor - is connected to the Arc module. The certified value of the resistor can be seen at the process control system or via wireless data exchange with smartphones and tablets with integrated Bluetooth 4.0 capability. The required app is available for iOS and Android and offers the same functionality with the devices at the tank or at the pipe as they have it with the process control system. As a direct signal output an analog 4-20 mA interface and a digital Modbus interface are built into the sensors as well.

With the on-line cell density measurement sensors, Incyte and Dencytee, Hamilton offers a sensor technology for the measurement of the viable and total cell density. The Incyte Sensor is based on a real-time capacitance measurement of viable cells in an alternating electrical field. The solution provides continuous data resulting in faster optimization of feeding and harvesting strategies. Dencytee measures the optical density in near-infrared wave lengths and determines by this means the total cell density. The light intensity at the detector is kept constant, consequently securing a wider measuring range. In contrast to the time-consuming off-line methods which are prone to contamination, the on-line measurement solutions Incyte and Dencytee allow for results that do not depend on the sampling rate. In this way, hidden events can be eliminated and yields can be optimized.

The Polilyte Plus sensor family provides reliable and precise pH measurement in harsh environmental conditions in almost every industrial application; e.g. for sugar and waste water plants as well as pulp, paper and dye production processes. All members of the Polilyte Plus family use the long-term stable reference electrolyte Polisolve Plus. By means of the electrolyte, the sensors’ durability is improved and reproducible measurements are ensured. The Single Pore® technology is also used by all sensors whereas the choice of the pH glass depends on the application. Low maintenance and easy cleaning secure the way for hassle-free processes with minimum downtimes.