Press and public relations in the industry sector is much more than mere product presentation. We see ourselves as translators between the experts in your company and the receivers of your message. This means: Comprehensive information instead of technical jargon. Clear facts, professional approach instead of exaggerated marketing slogans.

Our clients include, among others, companies from the fields measurement and control, process automation, plastic and metal processing. We are familiar with pioneering developments in the industry sector as well: Industry 4.0 and IoT are topics, that we have already processed and published for our clients regarding case studies and expert articles as well as expert interviews.

What should I write about?

Especially industry clients have had concerns that attractive topics for press articles might be difficult to find. We know: this is not a problem! Next to case studies, specialist topics from the company can be processed in a diverse manner. We are full of ideas and are in continuous contact with the adequate trade media in order to determine and cover their needs.