Press and public relations always aim to publicize you, your services, products and key message in relevant target groups. But what is important in PR work in the fields of IT and ITC?

The information technology is the driving factor of our economy and society. No other industry has changed our lives so much and is at the same time in constant change itself. It is therefore all the more important to explain connection correctly, to describe functionalities and to outline the economic and cultural relevance. A good industry expertise is needed here, secure wording, conscious communication and creative concepts in order to convey the topics professionally as well as comprehensively.

Great dexterity is decisive!

Next to the task to increase your company’s general awareness level, we focus on the concrete placement of your competences. We are aware here that great dexterity is needed regarding projects in the IT sector and that some topics need to be handled sensibly. No matter if you do not want to disclose every information or if you want new features to be placed at the right time and the right place:  We work with a long-standing industry expertise and provide competent advice and assistance. In this way, you can be sure that we get to the heart of your topics. In addition, it is imperative to find the right tonality for your target group – we have great expertise in this area due to our history.