A New Age of Dissolved Oxygen Measurement

Hamilton presents the latest improvements of the VisiFermTM and VisiTraceTM

Sensor VisiFerm RS485
Hamilton VisiFerm-RS485

Building on a foundation of continuous innovation, Hamilton Company has released the next generation of VisiFermTM and VisiTraceTM optical dissolved oxygen sensors.

“The basis of Hamilton innovation is reflected in our proven VisiFerm sensor series, which we have continuously improved since its market launch 15 years ago,” explains Christian Adank, Product Manager at Hamilton Company.

He adds “The meticulous control of dissolved oxygen still requires frequent calibrations to avoid deviations in GMP/FDA requirements. As part of the new sensor launch, significant breakthroughs have been made in the sensor and cap design that drastically reduce the required calibration frequency and improve sensor electronic lifetime. The new generation of VisiFermTM RS485 sensors features new electronics, 80% reduction in calibration frequency, 50% better robustness and supply security for the next decade.”

VisiFermTM was designed for the biopharma market to improve ease of use. The VisiFermTM is autoclave and CIP/SIP capable and the intelligent sensor design allows for calibration to take place in a laboratory without the need for a transmitter. The optical measurement principle negates the need for sensitive membranes and liquid electrolytes, reducing the amount of maintenance required while still providing high precision and robust measurement response times.

The VisiTraceTM, built on superior aspects of the VisiFermTM, is designed specifically to measure trace levels of oxygen, making it ideal for brewery applications.

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