Applikon Biotechnology BV and Hamilton Bonaduz AG strengthen business partnership


Dutch-based upstream bioprocess equipment specialist Applikon Biotechnology B.V. (Applikon) and Swiss global manufacturer of precision measurement devices Hamilton Bonaduz AG (Hamilton Process Analytics) jointly announce to have signed a worldwide cooperation agreement, making Hamilton Bonaduz AG a primary supplier for Applikon’s intelligent online measurement and control solutions.

Applikon will act as an independent business party for integrating Hamilton process analytical products including the Arc pH, Dissolved Oxygen and Cell Density sensors to its’ bioprocessing equipment. “We are pleased to have integrated Hamilton process analytical solutions into our standard portfolio. Hamilton Arc technology provides a unique and complete portfolio of sensing solutions for online monitoring all critical process parameters in upstream bioprocess”, stated Arthur Oudshoorn, Managing Director at Applikon. In order to leverage the full potential of Hamilton’s intelligent Arc sensors, Applikon has fully integrated the digital Arc technology in their process control systems.

Hamilton Process Analytics Vice President, Clara Caminada, is pleased that Applikon has chosen Hamilton’s precision measurement devices. “Our complete portfolio of online process analytical products is a perfect add-on to Applikon’s bioreactors. Online monitoring of all critical process parameters online, including cell density, enable process optimization and better processes.”
Both companies look forward to building a closer relationship and to jointly serving customers with a turnkey solution that enables them to improve their upstream bioprocess developments.


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