Critical Process Parameters at the Bioreactor

Hamilton Bonaduz AG whitepaper provides insight into in-line and off-line analytical technologies suitable to monitor biopharma processes


The focus of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) lies in the optimization, analysis and control of production processes. The objective is to increase the product quality as well as to monitor critical process parameters during production. Hamilton Bonaduz AG´s latest white paper “Biopharma PAT – Quality Attributes, Critical Process Parameters & Key Performance Indicators at the Bioreactor” examines the requirements that are necessary to monitor critical process parameters and to increase product quality.   Physical or chemical critical process parameters are commonly controlled by means of in-line/on-line sensors or at-line. Besides the monitoring of the pH and Dissolved Oxygen value, PAT recommends a number of other parameters in order to gain a holistic insight into the process. The process parameter’s features and analytical technologies are discussed application-orientated and comprehensible. The document is available for download free-of-charge on



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