Extended sensor portfolio for Single-Use applications

New solutions for DO and pH measurements


Hamilton has expanded its product range for Single-Use applications to cater for the growing demand of sophisticated sensors in single-use bag and bench-top applications.

The completed line of pH sensors for single use applications have a length of up to 425mm. Such long length is nowadays needed for single use applications in rigid wall bioreactors. The sensors of the “OneFerm” product line are available with various electrical connector configurations. An individual bag port allows for easy bag integration.

The new VisiFerm DO SU is a sensor for precise measurement of dissolved oxygen in the medium. It is available with the newly designed ODO Cap S0, which is particularly suited for bag applications. The VisiFerm DO SU features a very robust design, which is especially for stirred tanks a practice-oriented solution and close to zero drift offering comparable measurement performance as known already from Hamilton’s traditional sensors.

Key goal during the development of this new breed of single-use sensor solutions was the simplification of sensor management during start-up and operation. “Our sensors are ready-to-use”, says Marcus Bayer, Market Segment Manager Single-Use at Hamilton Bonaduz AG. “They come pre-calibrated and sterilized integrated into the single-use container”. Both pH and DO sensors retain the high accuracy performance even after gamma irradiation and allow a sufficient shelf life of up to 18 months.



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