Hamilton is more than satisfied with the course of 2017

Smaller events provided opportunities for networking


The Hamilton Bonaduz AG looks pleased back to the year 2017. The year was characterized by smaller events, such as the Biomanufacturing Strategy Meeting EU 2017 in Zurich and the Biotalk in Berlin. Hamilton presented in Zurich a specialist lecture for optimization potentials in upstreaming processes, which was met with lively interest by the participants. In addition to that, rotary tables for specific topics were set up in the form of speed dating. However, the focus in Berlin was on the ArcAir App, which was created in last year’s fall in the scope of optimization as a hybrid platform. The customer is accompanied step by step throughout the different processes, such as calibration, verification and necessary updates, and is in this way able to execute each procedure fast and easily. Another advantage of the new version is that the barcodes of pH buffers and conductivity standards can be swiped. The project leaders were also satisfied with the construction progress in the neighboring Domat/Ems – meaning that in this year the newly founded subsidiary Hamilton Ems AG as well as Hamilton Storage and the therewith 100 new hired employees can begin operations. Furthermore, the management found support since fall 2017 in the 38 years old Dr. Clara Caminada from France, Vice President. Dr. Caminada is the first woman in the Hamilton executive floor and was before that Head of Marketing Process Analytics.


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