30 Years Process Analytics

Hamilton celebrates the anniversary of its fast-growing business

Anniversary of Hamilton Process Analytics in Bonaduz, Switzerland
On October 18, Hamilton Bonaduz AG celebrated its annual «Autumn Festival» together with the 30th anniversary of the business unit Process Analytics


As part of the traditional autumn festival of Hamilton Bonaduz AG, employees, former employees and guests celebrated the 30th anniversary of the business unit Process Analytics last Friday, October 18, 2019. Dr. Clara Caminada, vice president of Process Analytics, emphasized the importance of process analytical technology to the biopharmaceutical industry. Without modern sensing solutions, the efficient production of advanced medicines would be unthinkable. "Obtaining drugs based on the cultivation of microorganisms or cells is a highly complex process in which many factors have a significant impact on the quality and quantity of the end product," said Dr. Caminada. "Our goal is to provide our customers with advanced measurement technology for better understanding and control over their biological processes."

During the autumn festival, the business unit demonstrated the rapid development of biotechnology and its own products to visitors. In this anniversary year alone, Hamilton Process Analytics launched three new products and adaptations on the market. The extended ArcAir app enables GMP-compliant monitoring and documentation of production processes in biopharmaceutical companies. The new sensor “Incyte Arc” combines the power of real-time, on-line measurement of viable cell density with the integrated capabilities of the Hamilton Arc platform. Another novelty is the “VisiFerm mA” optical oxygen sensor, which significantly reduces the need for calibrations by improving measurement accuracy.

To continue the fast development of the business unit in the future, Hamilton relies on streamlined business processes, continuous improvement and close cooperation with customers, explained Dr. Caminada. "Our most important asset, however, is and will remain our great international team, which is fully committed to tackling the challenging tasks of daily work to achieve our ambitious goals”.


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