Investing in innovation

MeSys GmbH reacts to the market’s requirements and achieves great success


2019 proved to be a demanding year in various ways for MeSys GmbH, involving many new challenges. Hence, the company reacted to the market’s requirements and worked continuously on new solutions. One example are systems that do not only work stationary, but are also mobile applicable. These offer more flexibility for quality monitoring and control. Another important topic is the space requirement, resulting in a patented scanner that is predestined for smaller areas, thanks to its compact design. The same sensors are used that are applied in bigger measurement systems – ensuring the highest measurement accuracy in the fields thickness and weight. The measurement experts were also present in different trade fairs, such as the Battery Show, the ICE and K. The non-radiometric system solutions for measuring flat materials that determine the surface weight, thickness and moisture, were exhibited at all trade events. “Especially the K trade fair, as an international world’s leading trade fair with over 225,000 visitors, is every three years the highlight of the trade fair year. We established many new contacts and the interest in our products showed that we have our fingers on the pulse. Our pet project, the patented, non-radiometric system solutions are more and more demanded by the market, since instead of radioisotopes, measurement procedures with ultrasonic, microwaves and lasers are applied”, explains Eva Knorr, CEO of MeSys GmbH. She adds that the Battery Show has also remained firmly etched in mind, since her company is specialized on the development of a progressive control system for the production of lithium-ion-batteries. Her company has already established itself successfully with this solution in the fields of in-line and off-line weight and thickness measurement for the anode and cathode production of lithium-ion-batteries. “We work daily on new innovations and products; battery manufacturers can have great expectations for the upcoming year”, Knorr provides as an insight into the year 2020.


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