New edition of “Process Analytics Measuring Solutions” catalogue

Hamilton complements product overview with new developments

Hamilton's new process analytics catalogue
Hamilton's new process analytics catalogue


Hamilton Bonaduz AG’s Process Analytics published the new edition of its comprehensive catalogue “Process Analytics Measuring Solutions”, at the beginning of June. It provides useful information regarding the new developments, next to the proven sensors, cables, transmitters and housings.

Recently, the company complemented the Single-Use sensor portfolio with the new parameters conductivity and viable cell density. With this addition, Single-Use bag manufacturers can bank completely on Hamilton technology including Arc electronics and its advantages for all of their end users. The company worked closely with Single-Use equipment manufacturers for the development of the sensors. They are equipped with the same technology as the proven re-usable sensors. An advantage of the Single-Use technology is the elimination of cumbersome process steps, such as calibration, autoclavation, and cleaning, because the sensors are delivered pre-calibrated to the skid manufacturers, who implement and gamma-sterilize them prior shipping to end-costumers.

Additionally, the catalogue provides information about the new Incyte Arc, a sensor for measuring the viable cell density in the biopharma industry. The Arc technology makes online control in real-time possible, which in turn allows detecting changes in cell physiology immediately, and enabling corrective actions quickly. Incyte Arc is a full-fledged member of the Arc sensor family and can also be used in combination with the ArcAir app.

The chapter of oxygen measurement in the catalogue was expanded by adding the VisiWater DO P, which is especially designed for optical measurement in water, wastewater, lakes, rivers and on fish farms. The robust plastic shaft withstands even permanent use in aggressive wastewaters and does not corrode. The next generation of the popular VisiFerm sensor family, VisiFerm mA, was also integrated. This VisiFerm version needs by far less calibrations without increasing the risk of measurement deviations. In parallel, the durability has been extended, and, at the same time and like the trace level sensor VisiTrace mA, additionally to the 4-20 mA output, a HART interface was integrated. This especially in hazardous areas prevalent digital protocol allows for communication with the corresponding field devices.

Feel free to download the catalogue free of charge here or order directly at your Hamilton representative.


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