Process Analytical Technology (PAT) in the biopharma industry in a nutshell

Hamilton explains most relevant points in whitepaper


Hamilton Bonaduz AG recently published a whitepaper regarding Process Analytical Technology (PAT) in the biopharma industry. The 20-page document introduces the process parameters and key performance indicators as well as process analysis devices for bioreactors. “We illustrate concisely, yet with sufficient detail, what one needs to know regarding PAT and bioreactors”, states Giovanni Campolongo, Market Segment Manager - Process Analytics at Hamilton Bonaduz AG. Important PAT concepts such as Critical Quality Attributes (CQA), Critical Process Parameters (CPP), and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are explained comprehensively with meaningful examples in order to establish a strong foundational understanding of the PAT initiative. The whitepaper demonstrates the possibility of higher product yield and quality through proper PAT implementation. Toward this end, the whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of different culture and fermentation process types, as well as of different analytical process monitoring methods. “We introduce, not just the theory, but also examples of different applications so that the reader understands how PAT works in practice”, discloses Giovanni Campolongo. The English-language whitepaper is available on free of charge. 


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