Special focus on requirements of bioprocess technology

Hamilton Bonaduz AG presents new Single-Use sensors for pH and dissolved oxygen measurement

The Hamilton Bonaduz AG expands its sensor portfolio as a logical consequence to the changing requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Included are new single use sensors for bioprocess technologies. “This market segment is growing continuously. More and more disposable reactors are used for bioprocesses. Consequently, we noted an increasing demand for specially designed sensors in this field”, states Marcus Bayer, Market Segment Manager Single Use at Hamilton. The advantages of the sensors, which are suitable for pH and dissolved oxygen measurement, are easily apparent: The risk of contamination is drastically reduced, which is crucial in order to set a basis for a reproducible and safe process design. Additionally, lowered cleaning and planning efforts combined with a fast validation and verification minimizes preliminary work considerably. “Besides these features, the topics sustainability and environmental protection are priorities for us as well”, explains Marcus Bayer and emphasizes that the short cleaning and sterilization times effect the water as well as energy usage positively.

Single Use sensors combined with re-useable electronics

Even though the need for single-use solutions is growing, cost-intensive electronical components of sensors can be used multiple times. “Our Single-Use sensors are predestined for small batches and short projects. The cost-effective single-use sensors are the best alternative, especially in the area of research and development”, explains the Market Segment Manager Single Use. The conventional sensors for conductivity and cell density measurement are also suitable for single-use applications.  As communication of the single use sensors is based on the same protocol as the re-useable ones, a combination of both is easily realizable. This is especially important for the control systems, which are often designed for re-useable systems. A single use sensor can easily be adapted with no or minor changes.

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