ZEUS LT Pipetting Module enables Intelligent Pipetting for Small Instruments

Hamilton introduces a new OEM Pipetting Module for manufacturers of Analytical Instruments and Clinical Diagnostic Systems


Hamilton Bonaduz AG has recently launched ZEUS LT, which is the lite version of Hamilton’s industry leading OEM Pipetting Module ZEUS. The newly introduced module enables OEM customers to incorporate a wide range of intelligent pipetting features into their instrument. The strongly reduced size allows an easy integration even for small instruments, where space is a crucial criterion. Precise and secure pipetting are essential requirements for manufacturers of Analytical Instruments and Clinical Diagnostic Systems. ZEUS LT captures these demands while allowing freedom to operate with an individual z-axis. Based on the Swiss expert’s air displacement pipetting technology, ZEUS LT minimizes maintenance when compared to liquid filled displacement systems. The system uses CO-RE disposable tips over a large volume range in order to avoid carryover and cross-contamination. With its pressure detection system, the module can detect insufficient liquids, foam and clogged tips. The air pressure in the pipette tip is monitored during the entire liquid aspiration and dispense cycle. Liquid level detection and the safety that no tip has fallen off are important features to increase process security. ZEUS LT incorporates capacitive and pressure liquid level detection modes without the need of an additional external sensor board, whereas a tip presence sensor ensures proper tip handling. An additional anti-droplet control system can be triggered when volatile liquids are pipetted and vaporize in the tip. This rise of pressure in the channel is monitored and causes the piston to retract in order to equalize the pressure and prevent dripping. With ZEUS LT the user has the benefit to program each given feature individually, either used separately or combined – tailored exactly to the application’s requirements. This makes ZEUS LT the ideal candidate for instrument developers who do not require ZEUS’ integrated z-axis. With ZEUS LT Hamilton offers its customers the possibility to easily choose out of a family of precise OEM Pipetting Modules to cover individual liquid handling demands.


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