Process Analytics

Process Analytics

On-line measurement sensors of Hamilton

Biological processes have become a significant industry in constant growth. Development in the field of vaccines, antibodies and pharmaceuticals is very popular. The physiology of the cells used is very sensitive and requires quick adjustments to maintain accurate control of the culture media. Several parameters must be controlled; pH, dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide and cell density. These needs are fulfilled by modern on-line measurement sensors. An important advancement towards on-line measurement is achieved with the new Incyte and Dencytee sensors from Hamilton.

Hamilton sensors are suitable for PAT

Manufacturing biopharmaceuticals is not only a costly, but also, due to their origin of living cells, a highly complex and time-consuming process. The cells’ heterogeneity and sensitivity regarding chemical influences, such as changes of the pH value, require a profound process understanding. Cultivation of sensitive organisms in biotechnological processes can be improved, analyzed and controlled best using process analytics technologies (PAT) and the sensors of Hamilton Bonaduz.