Process Analytics

Process Analytics

Brewery counts on Hamilton

With total output of 6.4 million hl per year, of which 5.5 million hl alone are bottled at the Krombach facility, Krombacher Brewery, founded in 1803, is one of the largest private breweries in Germany. The company's success is not least due to the high quality of the products that are produced and bottled here every day. Taste, turbidity and shelf life of the beer play an important role in this process – for all these factors the dissolved oxygen content of the product is key. Based on this back-ground, continuous measurement of the dissolved oxygen content is very important – and the sensors of the Swiss company Hamilton Bonaduz AG provide a significant contribution.

Sensors of Hamilton are used at the Bielefeld University

The study group for cell culture technology at the technological faculty of the Bielefeld University works on the further development of methods for functional genome analysis for their application in cell culture technology. 600 square meters of laboratory space as well as 150 square meters for a technical center are at the group’s disposal for this purpose. Sensors of Hamilton Bonaduz AG are used for determining important parameters in order to not only allow for a sustainable research but also for the development of cell culture technology.