Safety Industry

Safety Industry

Explosion isolation of RICO

Hygiene conditions and the protection from contamination of any kind are an absolute necessity in the food industry. Caution is advisable in two respects: On the one hand, during the processing of powdered raw materials or granules, there is an increased risk of explosion, as the materials can easily explode in combination with oxygen and an effective ignition source. The danger of consequential damage can be reduced significantly. At this point, the use of RICO´s VENTEX® valve for explosion isolation  is the right choice.

Gastight butterfly valves of RICO

From the initial planning to the final design: Each individual part concerning cleanroom or isolator technology has to meet high safety requirements. Especially the absolute tightness plays an important role in these demanding applications, where critical particles and hygiene determine every-day work. Gastight butterfly valves of RICO Sicherheitstechnik AG for the isolator plants manufacturing industry or operators of cleanrooms are an optimal solution to separate or reduce airflows and provide 100% gas-tightness.