What we can do for you

What we can do for you

Or why you should hire a PR and marketing agency

In order for you and your company-specific topics to appear continuously in trade media, social media and other relevant online channels, and so that your presence rises for potential clients as well as for existing customers. In this way, you can generate concrete demands and increase your economic success.

We position your key message clearly in the target markets. We have built up our long-standing network of publishing houses and trade media in the fields of industry, security and IT over many years and we still maintain our great contact to them.

We are happy about your input regarding press releases, but we do not shy away to actively approach you with topic suggestions. There is always something exciting to report about your company – believe us! This is also important, because the continuous presence in media is the key to success.

Our services include among other things:

  • Communication mix (Releases in print, online and social media, press portals)
  • Topic and idea finding
  • Interviews with experts and project managers
  • Case studies / expert studies / interviews
  • Editing
  • Research
  • Planning and handling ad placements
  • Control and design of production processes in print
  • Final editing
  • Handling and control of printing processes
  • Dispatch process for post mailings/ e-mailings
  • Keyword marketing