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Hamilton is presenting the new Sensor CO2NTROL on June 16 at ACHEMA PULSE

Hamilton Bonaduz AG will present its newly released dissolved CO2 Sensor CO2NTROL to the audience at ACHEMA PULSE.

The product that Hamilton Process Analytics introduced in April represents a new and unique approach to DCO2 measurement in bioreactors. In contrast to electrochemical DCO2 sensors, the new solid-state sensor uses an optical measurement principle. The new technology offers better accuracy and stability, even over several production cycles, which facilitates almost maintenance-free operation. The solid-state design also makes the sensor insensitive to ammonia fouling and it can be installed and operated overhead in the bioreactor where required.

With a measurement range of 5-1000 mbar and accuracy of ±5 mbar at 5–100 mbar and ±5% >100 mbar, the sensor is not only suitable for R&D use, but also for use in GMP environments, as it is compatible with autoclaving, SIP, and CIP.

“We look forward to being able give ACHEMA visitors a deeper understanding into the advantages of the newest member of our product family”, said Giovanni Campolongo, Market Segment Manager at Hamilton Process Analytics. “We have listened to our customers and developed a sensor that is easy to use. This has allowed us to create a solid-state sensor which gives reproducible results and does not require recalibrating – even after being sterilized.”

Interested parties can register for ACHEMA PULSE at and can follow the product presentation on 16 June, 2021.

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