Advantages of in-line cell density measurement

Hamilton´s Whitepaper „PAT in the biopharma industry“ is in strong demand

Critical process parameters  at the bioreactor
Critical process parameters at the bioreactor


The new Whitepaper “Biopharma PAT – Quality attributes, critical process parameters and key performance indicators at the bioreactor” of Hamilton Bonaduz AG has attracted great interest. The company taps the industry’s pulse focusing on optimization, analysis and control of production processes by means of Process Analytical Technology (PAT). For example, it demonstrates that documenting critical process parameters such as viable and total cell density directly in the bioreactor (in-line) is indispensable for a good yield. Only this method allows to determine the cell density immediately. This is the great advantage over off-line measurements, for which samples have to be taken and evaluated with delay and higher manual efforts. The whitepaper also explains additional advantages of in-line cell density measurement and the importance of other parameters for the production. The whitepaper is available for free download:

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