Hamilton equips University Bielefeld with sensors

Inline measurement of cell density facilitates research

Experiment with sensors from Hamilton
Experiment at the University Bielefeld with Hamilton sensors


The study group of cell culture technology of the Bielefeld University recently started working with the sensor Dencytee in order to measure total cell density, next to the established Incyte sensor of the Hamilton Bonaduz AG for measuring viable cell density. The focus lies on the research of producing pharmaceutically relevant proteins and on further development of functional genome analysis. The sensors are used in order to generate optimal results and information regarding the CHO-cell’s growth. “Due to the positive experiences we had with Incyte, it was easy for us to fall back on the products of the measurement experts”, explains Dr. Heino Büntemeyer, researcher in the study group of cell culture technology, responsible for the fields fermentation, process analytics and metabolome analysis at the Bielefeld University. Dencytee determines the current status values in real time as well as the course of the entire culture. Trends can be recognized at an early stage and necessary corrective actions can be taken. “The sampling and determining procedure needed to be done manually or semi-automatically before – now the measurement results can be recorded in real-time”, explains the university employee. Another challenge was the different skills of the ten researchers and the students regarding the sensors’ operation. Thanks to the self-explanatory operation, even less experienced interns were able to use the eight lab stations. The following cleaning and sterilization in autoclaves do not pose an issue either. “We can always turn to Hamilton in case any questions arise and fall back on their extensive services”, sums up Dr. Büntemeyer.


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