Hamilton invests in its own application lab

Better understanding of customer processes


The Hamilton Bonaduz AG recently opened its own in-house application laboratory. Analog and digital sensors are tested here under real conditions in order to gain more profound understanding of customer processes as well as to improve product development consistently. For this purpose, customer specific processes in bioreactors are recreated as detailed as possible. The biotechnologist Angela Babst, head of Hamilton’s application lab, works with different micro-organisms. “We have four bioreactors allowing me to conduct four tests simultaneously. I plan sufficient time for each test since the duration is not precisely predictable due to the living organisms. Preparation and follow-up require some time as well”, explains Babst, who accompanied the project from the beginning and was therefore strongly involved in the development of the lab. “Our in-house lab is well received by our customers. They especially praise that their difficulties are taken seriously and solutions can be found under real conditions. Close cooperation with our customers is very important to us as well in order to improve our sensors continuously and to adjust them to specific requirements”, explains Babst further.


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