Hamilton presents analog conductivity sensor

Conducell UPW expands the extensive sensor portfolio


Hamilton Bonaduz AG expanded its diverse offering of sensor solutions with the analog Conducell UPW sensor. The analog sensor for conductivity measurement is specifically designed for usage in the biotechnology sector as well as the pharma and cosmetic industries. Maintaining conductivity within certain limits is essential for product quality and safety, especially in these industries. Consequently, the sensor is used in ultra-pure water vessels or pipes in order to detect contamination. The measurement provides information on whether the value stays within the needed scope or if there is danger of corrosion due to an excessively high value. “Our portfolio has already included the Conducell UPW Arc Sensors for quite some time now. The analog version enables high-precision conductivity measurements now for users with an analog system”, explains Suanne Näf-Rüdiger, Product Manager of Analog Products at Hamilton Bonaduz AG. The functionality of the sensors is identical – the difference lies merely in the connector head: the analog 2-pole sensor is combined with a H100 Cond transmitter, which shows the measured values as well as the temperature on a big, high-contrasted display, whereas the digital Conducell allows users to retrieve the same data via mobile devices.


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