Many events, one ground-breaking and an award characterize 2016

Hamilton Bonaduz AG draws a positive conclusion for the year


A successful year 2016 with many events is ending for the Hamilton Bonaduz AG. “We attended a variety of trade fairs, conferences as well as congresses in the field of brewery and bioprocess technology and drew consistently a positive conclusion. We were able to establish many interesting contacts and intensify existing ones”, sums up Dr. Knut Georgy, Senior Market Segment Manager Process Analytics at Hamilton. With the 500th anniversary of the German Purity Law the products proven in practice for brewery processes such as VisiTrace DO and Beverly, took center stage. The sensor VisiTrace DO is designed for the exact measurement of oxygen concentrations in low ppb ranges. The company meets therewith an essential need, e.g. for brewery processes notably after the filtration and before the filling. In addition, the portable measuring device Beverly is applicable at any point during the brewery process. As in the brewery industry, in the field of bioprocess technology the demand for appropriate sensor solutions is increasing. On this account, the focus lay on the sensors for the viable and total cell density Incyte and Dencytee. The certified value measured by the sensors can be visualized on an Arc View controller simultaneously with other sensors that are provided with the Arc technology as well as a Bluetooth 4.0 wireless adapter. In this way, the important parameters of a cell culture or fermentation, pH-value, dissolved oxygen and cell density, are monitored and controlled at the same time. However, the growing demand of the industries for adequate solutions requires a greater production volume. “We reached our capacity limits at our location in Bonaduz, Switzerland. In order to ensure high quality products continuously, the construction work for a new facility started in September in the neighboring city of Domat/Ems. The newly established subsidiary Hamilton Ems AG as well as Hamilton Storage found a new home there and approximately 100 people a new employment”, explains Dr. Georgy. Another highlight of the year 2016 was the award in the rubric “Special Mention” of the German Design Award 2017. The Hamilton Bonaduz AG asserted itself against top-rated competition with the innovative Glue-Free HDHT-Type Headspace Syringe.


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