New product for yeast management

Hamilton shows Incyte Arc sensor at BrauBeviale for the first time

Inycte Arc sensor for breweries
Incyte Arc will be shown to brewers for the first time


Straightforward, transparent and in real-time – that’s what characterizes the new Incyte Arc sensor from Hamilton Bonaduz AG. It will be shown to brewers for the first time at the BrauBeviale in hall 6, booth 209. The robust real-time measurement of viable yeast cells provides reliable measurement values that are not affected by dead cells being present and other factors. “In conversations with brewers, we were often told that, due to limited data about cell counts, difficulties in yeast management occur quite frequently. As a consequence fermentation times may vary significantly, or the flavor profile of the beer might diverge. By using Incyte Arc yeast propagation can be optimized, and consistent, reproducible yeast pitching can be achieved. Monitoring and control is done via the process control system, and in parallel with the help of the ArcAir software and mobile devices”, says Knut Georgy, Senior Market Segment Manager Process Analytics at Hamilton Bonaduz AG. For the optical oxygen measurement, Hamilton will be exhibiting the proven VisiTrace DO sensor, which impresses with reliable and precise measurement results in the low ppb area. In addition, it compels with a short response time, so that changes can be detected quickly, and accurate measurement values are at customer’s disposal within a very short time. The oxygen sensitive luminophore is stabilized against chlorine and chlorine dioxide and thus survives significantly more cleaning cycles. For mobile use, the dissolved oxygen device Beverly is ideal for use with the VisiFerm DO optical dissolved oxygen sensor. It can be used anywhere in the brewing process and allows simple and quick quality control. Robust design, easy operation and maintenance make it ideal for breweries.


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