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Longtime experience

Jansen Communications is a leading PR and marketing consultancy and agency for technical niche markets. With 20 years of experience, we support companies in IT, IT security, high-security and safety areas such as fire and explosion protection, process analytics, industry, especially metalworking, automation and instrumentation and control.

We are a reliable partner for B2B clients and the media, offering specialist knowledge and long-standing contacts with qualified specialist editors and opinion leaders. We work closely with online platforms, event organizers, and social media channels to ensure a continuous presence for our customers.

What we do for you: Our services for your success in PR and marketing:

We will continuously place your company-specific topics in online specialist media, social media such as LinkedIn and other relevant online channels in order to increase your presence among potential and existing customers. Through targeted communication, you can generate concrete demand and promote your commercial success.

We will clearly position your core message in the target markets and have a long-standing network of publishers and specialist media in the fields of industry, chemistry, process analysis, safety, and IT. We welcome your input for articles, but are also able to provide them independently.

Our services

Communication mix (print, online social media)

We find the right words for the respective channel. Comprehensive and detailed for case studies and expert articles in print media and on online platforms or short, concise and yet technically adept for social media.

Topics and brainstorming

Your everyday life is our favorite topic. We report on your projects and products, new partnerships or your employees in a professional manner. We look forward to your input, but are also happy to approach you with suggestions for topics. There is always something to report - we promise!

Content creating

We develop content and topics for both print and digital media and channels that are tailored to your target market.

Interviews with experts and managers

We are happy to discuss current topics, challenges, standards and guidelines with your experts and managers and package these in a technically appealing but comprehensible way in an expert interview.

Case studies and author contributions

Have you implemented a great project for a customer and want the market to know about it? Perfect. We talk to your customer about the project and write a high-quality article that can be published in a relevant trade magazine and/or online, depending on your wishes. Expert articles are also a popular format for reporting and providing information about new products, standards and guidelines.


More and more companies are turning to podcasts. This allows you to talk about your products in a relaxed atmosphere. We can help you find the right words.


Technical expertise doesn't have to be dry. The right choice of words creates an exciting story that captivates the reader from start to finish.

Editorial team

We maintain close contact with the specialist editorial teams. PR and marketing measures are discussed on an ongoing basis so that permanent visibility is achieved.


Through extensive research, we acquire in-depth specialist knowledge that goes far beyond the end of our own nose. We are also happy to undertake research into market competitors and potential customers.

Control of design and production processes in the online sector

The Internet never stands still. So your online activities should also be up to date. We are happy to take the necessary steps.

Final editing

Before your text is published, we take one last critical look at it to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the result.

Management and control of online advertising campaigns

We are happy to plan, coordinate and monitor your advertising activities. You give the go-ahead and we take care of the rest.

Our Team


Catrin Jansen-Steffe M.A. is the owner of Jansen Communications, Public Relations & Marketing, founded in 2005, whose central focus is the targeted communication of technically complex topics. Together with her team, she supports companies from the IT, safety and security sectors as well as industry. Catrin Jansen-Steffe gained and successfully applied her experience as a PR and marketing decision-maker on the client side after completing her master's degree.


After successfully completing her bachelor's degree in social sciences with a focus on public relations and internships in this field during her studies, Christina Lippert started working at Jansen Communications in 2009 - and has stayed. Her areas of expertise include expert articles on complex topics and case studies.


During her Bachelor's degree in Media Studies and the subsequent interdisciplinary Master's degree in Media and Society, Elena Dilba worked as a freelancer in a local editorial office. Since July 2015 she supports Jansen Communications as PR- and marketing assistant.


Our beloved Jack is a Bavarian mountain dog who is now retired. For years he was our motivational coach, feel-good manager and kept the office entertained. Today he pursues his hobbies and can usually be found in the fresh air and in the forest.

We find the right words.

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