Specialized in press and marketing consulting in IT, industry and security for 20 years

For two decades, our focus has been on press and marketing consulting for clients in the IT, industry and (high) security sectors, including fire and explosion protection and biopharma/process analytics. Find out more about the special features and industry solutions on the subpages.

Industry PR: Successful press and public relations work

We are a leading PR agency for technical themes in the industrie. We deliver successful press and public relations work. Our industry PR goes beyond pure product presentation. We act as an intermediary between your experts and your target group, ensuring that complex topics are communicated in an understandable way. We rely on clear facts and a professional approach to avoid marketing platitudes.

Our customers are primarily from the fields of measurement, control, regulation, process automation, and metalworking. We are well-versed in current trends such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. We have already published specialist articles, user reports, and expert interviews on these topics.

I need to find relevant topics for my industrial company

Industrial companies often struggle to find engaging topics for press reports. But we know that. That's not a problem! We can prepare specialist topics from your company in a variety of ways, in addition to user reports. We have a variety of creative ideas and are in close contact with the relevant trade media to meet their needs.

IT PR: We know how to get the results you want in IT PR

The IT sector is a key driver of our economy and society, and it's constantly changing. To succeed in PR in the IT sector, you need to be an expert in the industry, communicate clearly, and use creative approaches to make complex topics understandable and relevant to the economy and society.

We are committed to communicating your skills in a targeted manner and making your company known in the IT sector. Our many years of experience in the IT (security) sector give us a deep understanding of the sensitivity and subtleties of the topics. We guarantee that your content will be presented accurately and attractively. We know how to get the right tone of voice and the right communication with your target group.

Security and safety experts with extensive experience and expertise

Our many years of experience in the broad field of security and safety covers various areas such as production environments, building security, safety, and IT security. Our extensive network of specialist media offers you unparalleled expertise.

Speak the right language when it comes to security and safety

In the security industry, it is crucial to speak the right language in order to reach your target groups and communicate topics precisely. We translate technology into benefits and position your expertise in a targeted manner. Our PR campaign concepts use a variety of channels and tools to give you a sustainable competitive advantage.

Effective Communication in the Biopharma/Process Analytics Sector

Our focus is on explaining complex topics in the biopharma sector and process analytics in an understandable way. We describe technical innovations, measures, and applications in precise and purposeful terms to clearly present their advantages and areas of application.

We ensure a comprehensive flow of information, whether it is the measurement of critical parameters in biopharmaceutical processes or the integration of sensor solutions for the PAT initiative.

We stay on top of the latest developments.

The biopharma industry is constantly evolving, and we are here to keep you informed. New findings and technological advances require ongoing communication to keep interested parties up to date. We are committed to staying on top of the latest developments.